Bio Shield, Inc. is a privately held, US based environmental company formed in 2005 incorporated in 2007 that was founded to develop, patent and commercialize what is believed to be the only 100% "GREEN" food grade most advanced and cost effective set of environmentally friendly, photocatalytic surface treatments available on the world market today.

Bio Shield, Inc. produces the only American designed nano photocatylic products that are in a water based solution that air dries to form an semi-perminent invisible, well adhered, ultra thin coating that actively protects all surfaces to which it is applied from the build up of any organic matter - including bio-film, bacteria, molds or fungi.

Bio Shield, Inc. pioneered the 3rd generation of Aqueous, amorphous, titania, film-former that holds nano particles (as small as 4 nm) of anatase TiO2 in a stable colliod suspension

The 3rd generation:

1.High surface area of titanium dioxide particle
2.Rate of photocatalytic oxidation is enhanced by increased surface area
3.Antimicrobial mode of action may be the targeting of the cellular membrane by the hydroxyl radicals, thus increasing permeability, disrupting metabolism, waste excretion and membrane stability.

Amorphous TiO2 is widely used -

Applications include:

1.Pigment - a typical gallon of paint contains one and a half pounds of TiO2
2.Sunscreen - High SPF sun tan lotions contain 8% to 25% TiO2
3.Food Additive - White aspirin tablets contain 2%

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is safe, non-toxic, inert mineral found in nature that has been classified by the US FDA as "GRAS" or "Generally Recognized as Safe".

1.The US FDA has approved TiO2 for use in food and materials as a "whitening agent" and in skin creams and lotions as a "sun-blocking agent".
2.The European Science Commission on Cosmetics and Food Products has found TiO2 to be safe in all forms (micronized and nanosized, active and inactive) for human use and consumption.

Bio Shield, Inc. Product Packaged:

4 X 3.79 liter bottles per case

2 X 10 liter bottles per case

4 X 208 liter drums ($250.00 drum deposit)

1 X 1,040 liter tote ($350.00 tote deposit)

Minimum Order:

One FULL Case


All products are pre paid in full prior to shipping no exceptions! We except cash, check, T/T, money orders and Credit Cards.

Bio Shield, Inc. Advantages:

Bio Shield, Inc. products represent the only UV-PCO technology designed entirely in the USA and manufactured exclusively at our Tampa, Florida state of the art facility.

*100% "Green" no acid, alcohols or doping
*Made with all food grade ingredient
*True nanotechnoloy with particle size from 10nM to 4nM
*Wide spectrum light reactive (no UV light required) no doping
*Un-interrupted supply chain (10,000 liter daily production capacity)
*All products made to order
*Orders in by noon out the same day
*Strong water based 2.35%~2.89% fully suspended colloid solution
*Up to 5,000 Ft2 per liter coverage ($0.0031 Ft2 product cost)
*Safe for organic and in organic surfaces
*long lasting up to 20 years interior and 10 years exterior

Bio Shield, Inc has revolutionized the manufacturing of UV-PCO technology with our 2nd generation wet blending process and because of this breakthrough our quality is consistent and our product is always fresh.

Turn Key PCO Application Business Opportunity:

Package includes:

*On-Line Training (every Tuesday night @ 8pm~10pm) GMT-5
*12 liters of product (4 liters primer, 4 liters TiO2, 4 liters fabric)
*1/HVLP Atomizing Sprayers with 2 pressure pots
*One (1) Year Factory Certified Applicator License
*UV-PCO Application Credentials
*Discount product prices:
*No monthly order quotas.
*One case re-order minimum
*3 hours of technical support (phone or e-mail)

Referral Program:
For every client you bring us that purchases a starter package we will send you 15.16 liters of product at no charge (shipping not included)

Rules & Regulations:
1. Product paid in full prior to shipment
2. Signed NDA agreement
3. Must maintain general liability insurance and make Bio Shield, Inc. a named insured.
4. All applicators must maintain no customer complaints if corporate receive 2 customer complaints for any reason we will void your contract with no review process.

Optional Services:
*On-site presentation or application assistance $2,500 per day plus expenses.
*Phone support $125.00 per hour after your included 3 free hours. Sold in 3 hour blocks $375.00 pre paid.

Areas of application:

1. Automobiles
2. Aircraft
3. Cruise ships
4. Pleasure boats/yachts 5. Subways
6. Trains (railroads)
7. Public and private buses
8. Taxi cabs/ limousines services
9. Automobile dealerships new and used
10. Fleet accounts like UPS and FedEx
11. RV's
12. Motorcycles and more...

Residential housing
1. Single family
2. Town homes
4. Apartment buildings
5. Trailer homes
6. Condominiums
7. Cabins and lodges
8. Duplex and more...

Commercial buildings
1. Offices
2. Banks
3. Warehouses
4. Shopping centers
5. Retail stores (strip malls)
6. Gas stations
7. Bar and night clubs
8. Hotel and motel
9. Restaurant's
10. Health clubs/gyms and more...

1. Road development (self cleaning roads)
2. Smog (Nox and Sox) reduction by coating the exterior of all federal and state owned buildings
3. Improve IAQ interior of all state and federal buildings. Reduce absentee and liability.
4. Emergency management like FEMA. Clean air, surfaces and water after a disaster.

1. Air purification
2. Construction materials
3. Plastics and packaging
4. Water purification
5. Automotive
6. Maritime
7. Aircraft
8. Heavy equipment
9. Safety equipment
10. Roofing materials and more...

Reserve your area today! Before they are all sold out.

We have received an overwhelming response to our discounted starter packages and areas are selling out fast.

This is the most comprehensive turn-key environmental business package available. Limited areas first come first served

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